My transformation program incorporates the essential aspect for burning body fat and replacing it with lean muscle: high intensity weight training. Don’t forget to take your “BEFORE” pictures because things are about to get serious!

This is an ultimate fitness guide, which basically includes all my “secrets” to how I have achieved my physique.
I will guide you step-by-step to how to optimize your workouts to achieve your fitness goals. My plan is guaranteed to build muscle and burn fat!

What is included?

Your benefits!

Who is the plan for?

If you have any questions about my guide, just send me an e-mail to vanessa.mariposa@gmx.at. You’ll get an answer as soon as possible!

Vanessa Hofinger
Rottmayrgasse 46
5020 Salzburg
E-Mail: vanessa.mariposa@gmx.at
Telefon: 0151 39175937
(bitte erst per E-Mail eine Termin vereinbaren!)

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