Daily I recieve a lot of messages about my abs, which exercises I do, how often I train, what I eat, why I’m so shredded ect. First of all I want to tell you that it is important that you’re not doing the same exercices all the time. I train my abs about two times a week. I will point out that ab exercises alone are NOT going to give you the abs of your dreams, it is a scientific fact. Many people get trapped into the mindset that sit ups = abs. While they are a great exercise to get your abs burning, they can get pretty repetitive and boring pretty quickly. The key to a strong core is to use a range of exercises that also target all of ab muscles, including your obliques and deeper abdominal muscles as well as your more superficial (outer) ab muscles.

Try this women’s workout for flat abs, with some variety.
Set a timer for 7 minutes and complete each of these exercises in Circuit 1 as many times as you can. Once the timer goes off, have a 60 second rest and reset the timer for another 7 minutes and complete Circuit 2 after that, rest again for 60 seconds and set the timer again for 7 minutes for Circuit 3. While you are trying to work as fast as you can, it is important that you maintain good technique to help get the most out of your workout.

Ab bikes 40 reps
Plank 30 sec
Straight leg raises 20 reps
Mountain climbers 40 reps

Scissor kicks 30 reps
Snap jumps 20 reps
Weighted bent leg jackknifes 15 reps
Knee tucks 30 reps

Windmill sit-ups 30 reps
Russian twists 100 reps
Suitcases 30 reps
Toe touches 20 reps

I’d love to see photos of you getting your sweat on – tag me on Instagram using #vanessamariposa

Love, Vanessa

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