I’ve always wanted to travel to Abu Dhabi. I’ve been there several times but just at the airport for a short stopover. On my bucket list was always „Yas Island“, it’s the only island in Abu Dhabi where you have green grass and some nice beaches. I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in Yas Island, which is amazing. Next to the hotel is the Ferrari World, where the guys from Formula 1 race. On the first day they had a training there and I heard them when I opened the balcony door. The first day I’ve started with a workout, because at midday it is quiet hot there, about 43 degrees. This day was not very interesting, I just relaxed at the pool and enjoyed my time in the sun.



On the second day I visited the so called „Yas Beach“. Yas Beach is a very nice beach, with some bars, a big pool, good music, a lot of food and the best: sunshine, sand & the ocean. It is also very nice when traveling with children, because there is also a small area where the kids can play. I relaxed in the sun, read a book, had a greek salad with an ice cold sparkling water and in the afternoon I made a booty workout in the sand which I filmed for you (it’s online on Instagram). If some of you ever tried a workout in the sand, you guys know how exhausting this is haha. But.. I LOVE IT!



In the evening I visited the Yas Island Mall and also the Ferrari World. That was quiet cool. Unfortunately I just stayed there for 2 days, so there is much more to see in Abu Dhabi, for example the mosque which is still on my list. Let me know if you’ve ever been there.

Love, Vanessa

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