Hey ladies,

today I wanted to share my make-up routine with you as I receive so many questions asking what products I use. At the moment I’m using a lot of products from MAC. I think you all know this beauty brand. I find that their products fit really well with my skin type. I really hate make-up that makes you look all buttered up and that feels cloggy on your skin. I want that my skin is able to breathe so I prefer light makeup that still has good coverage. Enough chitchat, lets get into it.

After I washed, cleansed and moisturised my face I usually start with my skin. I use the “mineralize concealer” to cover up any dark sports or pimples. Next, I apply my foundation. It’s called “waterweight” and apply it to my entire face. This foundation has such a good coverage thats what I love about it. Sometimes I apply a little bit bronzing powder to my cheekbones to enhance them, instead of using blush.

When I am done with my skin I will do my brows, therefor I use the „great brows“ set. After I continue with my eyes. On a daily basis I will not do too much with my eyes usually I will just apply mascara. I use the „extreme dimension 3D black lash“ mascara. When I go out, have dinner or feel like putting on a little bit extra I will use eye shadow, for that I use the Naked 3 Pallette. Some of you asked about my long lashes. Now I tell you my little secret: I use a lash growing oil from „M2“. This oil makes your eye lashes grow. I love the oil because it really works and thats why my lashes are so long. When I don’t feel like putting on mascara I will just apply that during the day or I apply it over night for about two times per week.

Moving on to the lips. I use a variety of different lip products, most of the time I just use a labello from Essie but once in a while I’ll also put on lipstick. My favorite lipsticks are from MAC, usually I wear nude tones and sometimes red lipstick. My favorite lipsticks are called „kinda sexy“ & “honeylove”. Not just the names are great, I also love that they’re matt. They stay on forever and don’t smere at all and the color sticks to your lips so well that it’s even hard to get off. These lipsticks are perfect for kissing I swear haha!

So ladies I hope you like my short post about my make-up routine.. let me know.

Love, Vanessa

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