Breakfast helps to shape your morning and eating a well-balanced diet can help to fuel you for the day. Your breakfast should be two things: nourishing and sustaining. Making small changes can make your breakfast healthier and help to fuel your body for the day ahead. Here are five ways you can make breakfast better for you:

1. Add protein
Having a serving of protein in the morning can help you power through the morning. Not only does protein help keep you satisfied, but it may also help you feel more energized throughout the day. Eggs are a good choice for breakfast protein, because you can make them so many different ways! For all who don’t like eggs you can use greek yoghurt, quinoa, oats or cottage cheese instead.

2. Include some healthy fats
We know there are different types of fats, including some healthy and unhealthy fat types. When you include healthy fats in your breakfast, it can help your body absorb vitamins and may keep you feel satiated for longer. Healthy fats can also help to build cell membranes, prevent inflammation and some fat types also help with hormone regulation. To add healthy fats to your breakfast, try adding some avocado to your toast or include nuts and seeds with your smoothie bowl.

3. Skip the processed options
While snack bars and pastries might be a faster breakfast fix, they aren’t exactly winning combinations. Because these tend to be highly processed, much of the nutritional value has been removed. Not only can this leave you feeling hungry again soon after eating but processed foods can affect your mood too. Preparing breakfast the night before can help if you struggle with time in the morning.

4. Switch the fruit juice for the real thing
During juicing, some varieties of fruit juice remove the majority of the pulp, which can result in a glass of fruit-based sugar. While this is a natural form of sugar, it can cause a spike in your blood sugar and it’s often made using more than one serve of fruit. Opting for a piece of fruit instead means you also get a serve of fibre, which can help make that full feeling last. Plus fibre can help to lower cholesterol levels. Try adding fresh or frozen berries to your smoothie or top your oats with fruit slices. If you can’t pass up a glass of juice, you can try switching to vegetable-based juices that use less fruit.

5. Watch portion sizes
It is really easy to accidentally go over your recommended serving size, especially when breakfast looks amazing! There are a couple of ways to still get the most out of your breakfast serving: serve it in a smaller bowl so that it looks bigger and sit down to eat. That way you give yourself time to enjoy the food as you go.

Make your breakfast worth waking up for! A healthy breakfast can help to satisfy your appetite and give you energy to get through the day. If your breakfast could do with a makeover, then these five tips are a great place to start.

Love, Vanessa

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