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a few weeks ago I spent some beautiful days in Barcelona with my lovely friend Nadja. This trip wasn’t planned, the W Hotel in Barcelona invited us shortly. The first day was a disaster. We arrived too late at the airport and there were no taxis. We spot out that there was a taxi strike, so we went to the hotel by bus after standing 2 hours in a lane of humans. That was really annoying.

On this evening was also a great party in the „Eclipse“ club, which is on the 26 floor in the W Hotel. Usually we should stay in the W Hotel from Wednesday until Saturday, but we rebooked out flights to Tuesday until Friday. We booked us a hotel for one night, in the middle of the city. So as I already told you, there was a taxi strike.. so we walked in high heels to the W hotel, which is about 1 hour away, but I’ve to say we had a lot of fun. We met two other girls, who had the same problem. At 1:30 AM in the morning we arrived at the party and started to dance.. but just for 1 hour haha because the party ceased at 2:30 AM. So we made a nice & long walk in the night.




On Wednesday day we rent bikes and explored the city. We visited the „La Sagrada Familia“ and took some photos.  We met a friendly guy and his daddy from my Instagram community, that was really nice.

We made a picture with them and they invited us to a picnic, but we had already a reservation in a restaurant close to the W Hotel, in which we moved. We got a really beautiful room with an oceanview. You’ve much space in the room and the bed is so cozy. I’ve never slept in a bed which was more comfortable than this one. Sounds strange but when you stay in this hotel and lie in the bed you’ll remember my words. The bed was sooooo big & cozy, I really miss it.

The two lounge pools are absolutely amazing, with again, epic views. They overlook the whole of Barcelona and have such a modern feel. We sat with cocktails and nibbles as we took in the beautiful view. There’s also a BLISS Spa in the W behind the pool, with a large high-tech gym (I loved it) and some of the best massages. I had the craziest massage of my life, where I was exfoliated and then a huge shower came over my body to wash me. It was an experience.



The next morning we had a reservation in a lovely restaurant, it’s called „Brunch & Cake“. They offer a variety of healthy meals. For instance a sandwich with avocado and eggs, an acai bowl with cereals and fresh fruits, cacao pancakes & delicious shakes (also with protein). I ate once a day in this restaurant, because it impressed me. After we made a lazy beach day and enjoyed the good weather. It was very hot, about 30 degrees so we made a „girls day on the beach“.





A good friend recommended us the „Otto Zuz“ club in Barcelona, which we visited in the evening. This club has 3 floors, the first one is just hip hop & r’n’b, the second one is spanish music and the third one is deep house. This club is just cool. The music is perfect to dance, but it is really hot, just because there are a lot of people dancing.

So my review: the W hotel in Barcelona is one of the best hotels I’ve ever been – with an amazing view and the most comfortable bed in the world. Once you stay at W, you realise just how good, a good hotel can be. Barcelona is a fascinating city, I really enjoyed my time there and I hope to be back soon.

Love, Vanessa

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