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I got so many requests about my workout routine and what I do to get this abs,  so here we go. I hope this will motivate you to go to the gym and that you shouldn’t be afraid of weights. I think I am one of the best examples that show, that weights do NOT make you bulky ladies.

Before I go into my weekly daily split I just want to mention that I designed my training schedule by myself according to my goals. My goals are to put on muscle mass especially in the lower body and booty & to sculpt my arms. This is why my training is largely focused on strength and not on cardio. Twice a week I integrate a cardio session.

I workout 6 days a week of which 4 days are focused on strength training. I always switch up the exercises and increase the weights if I feel too comfortable doing the exercises. It really needs to hurt when you hit the last two reps. I incorporate abs training into my workouts by doing supersets with other exercises or by training them at the end of the workout for about 10 min, about 2 times a week. As you can see I do not train my abs a lot, this is because I’m doing a lot of compound exercises (squats, deadlifts etc.) where I automatically train my core, so it’s not necessary to incorporate much more abs training. It’s not without a reason that we say: ABS are made in the kitchen and not only in the gym!


Warm-up: 10 min on an elliptical trainer & Stretching: 5-10 min after training


2 Sets Leg Extensions 25 reps
2 Sets Leg Curls 25 reps
2 Sets Leg Press 25 reps
5 Super Sets Squats & Straight Leg Barbell Deadlifts 15 reps
3 Sets Leg Press – Burner Set 3 reps 60/45/30 seconds
4 Sets Straight Leg DB Deadlifts 15 reps
1 Set Walking Barbell Lunges 100 reps
2 Sets Alternating Lunges with Hammer Curls 15 reps each side
2 Sets Wall Hold Open Palm DB Curls 25 reps
2 Sets Straight Bar Cable Curls 25 reps
4 Super Sets Wide Grip Barbell Curls & Alternating Isolated Curls 10 reps each side


2 Sets Push-ups 25 reps
2 Sets Cable Flys 25 reps
2 Sets Machine Flys 25 reps
4 Sets Incline DB Bench Press 15 reps
4 Super Sets Dips & Push-ups 15/20 reps
2 Sets Straight Arm Lat Pull-downs 25 reps
2 Sets Seated Cable Rows 25 reps
2 Sets Deadlifts 25 reps
4 Super Sets Lat Pull-downs & Bent Over DB Flys 10/20 reps
3 Super Sets Strength Machine Seated Cable Rows & Strength Machine Seated Pull-downs 10 reps


 45-60 minutes


2 Sets Pull-ups 25 reps
2 Sets Reverse DB Front Raises 25 reps
2 Sets Barbell Bent Over Rows 25 reps
4 Sets Deadlifts 10 reps
4 Sets T-Bar Rows 12 reps
4 Super Sets Wide Grip Lat Pull-downs & Renegade Rows 12/12 reps each side
4 Super Sets Pull-overs & Lower Back Hyper Extensions 15/30 reps


2 Sets Barbell Thrusters 25 reps
2 Sets DB Side Raises 25 reps
2 Sets Front Raises 25 reps
4 Sets Barbell Military Press 10 reps
3 Sets Arnold Press 12 reps
4 Sets DB Military Press 8 reps
2 Sets Triceps Straight Bar Cable Push-downs 25 reps
2 Super Sets DB Skull Crushers & Bench Dips 25 reps
4 Sets Close Grip Bench Press 12 reps
4 Sets Overhead DB Triceps Extension 15 reps
4 Sets Plank Position Triceps Kickbacks 20 reps each side


 45-60 minutes


Rest day

I hope you like my workout plan. I know, the exercices are hard and the plan is long, but visible results don’t come from sitting on the couch. So try it yourself and keep your goals in mind.

Love, Vanessa

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