The key to staying healthy and slim: Make sure you’re eating enough of these micronutrients, which play an important part in your metabolism, appetite and energy.

When it comes to healthy eating, you know about macronutrients: carbs, protein and fat, for example. But micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) you eat in your daily diet as well as pro- ans probiotics are just as crucial. They help you to burn calories, regulate your appetite and blood sugar and keep your energy levels up. Get to know the top micronutrients ans the food they’re found in, so you can feel and look your best.


This bone building mineral is a fat-burner. People who got up to 1200 mg daily via food lost more than those who got less than 500mg. Calcium in dairy form was particularly effective, possibly thanks to other components, such as whey protein, that help with weight loss. For women up to age 50 are 1200mg daily required. It’s in cheese, kale and yoghurt.


The special power of this mineral is that it helps keep blood sugar levels even so you avoid the spikes and drops that can lead to overeating. People with magnesium rich diets have a lower risk of diabetes. It’s also crucial for energy ans keeping your metabolism humming. It’s in almonds, black beans and cooked spinach.


You need C to make carne tine, a molecule required to burn body fat. The daily requirement is about 75-90mg, but the biggest benefits are seen with amounts greater than that-closer to 500mg daily. It’s in cooked broccoli, orange juice and red pepper.


The „sunshine“ vitamin (your body makes it when exposed to the sun) helps you stay energized and burn fat. Get your blood checked to determine if you should supplement. Your dairy requirement is about 600mg. It’s in cooked salmon, milk and in egg yolk.


Iron helps transport oxygen to your cells and making it crucial for brain and muscle power. If you have a iron-deficiency anemia you feel weak and sluggish. The daily requirement is about 18mg. It’s in beef and beans.


Potassium helps power you through a workout by preventing muscle fatigue and cramps. You daily requirement is a lot, about 4700mg. Fruits ans vegetables are key sources, which is why it’s important tp get your five or more serving daily. It’s also in avocados, sweet potatoes and milk


Pro- and prebiotics deserve an honorable mention for their indispensable part in maintaining levels of good bacteria that may help you burn fat and keep blood sugar levels stabile. You should eat one probiotic rich food daily. It’s in sauerkraut, kefir, leek, onions, bananas and garlic.

Love, Vanessa

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