Hey guys!

Just a few weeks ago my lovely friend Nadja and I decided to make a spontaneous trip in the beautiful City of love – PARIS! I’ve never been there before so I had no idea how paris looks like. Now I can say I LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY.

We stayed in a very beautiful hotel in the middle of the city. I saw the Eiffel Tower while I took a shower, that war really impressive.


On the first day we visited the most known sight, the 300 meter high Eiffel Tower. After a quick shopping tour in the Louboutin Store we had Dinner in a very small and lovely restaurant. I’m sorry but I can’t remember the name. I only know that the waiter was a hulking, funny and very friendly man who joked all the time.. by the way I had a big omelet with tomatoes, cheese and spinach.. yummy!




The next morning we made a day trip to all the other interesting sights in Paris. The first stop was the Arc de Triomphe. Guys I can tell u that was very crazy haha. There were a lot of people trying to make pictures and Nadja and I took here a picture and there one and on this side and on the other side. Suddenly a group no a crowd off 100 people raged in our direction and tried to took pictures with us. I don’t know what these people thought, but everybody wanted to take a picture with us, so we made about 50 pictures with some unknown guys. That was really crazy and the consequential effect was a lot of fun..





After a quick and delicious nutella crepe with bananas we wanted to see the Louvre.







In the evening we visited a very famous nightclub in Paris, called L’ARC. When you stay in Paris you’ve to go there. It’s amazing! The music, the people, the drinks.. and not to forget this unique mirror. There was a mirror and very close to it a button. 3 seconds after you pushed the button hard a light brightened and the mirror took a picture of you which was saved on the Instagram Account of the club.. very cool!

So because all of this nice days I really like this fascinating city. It’s pretty to watch how many people walk through the city, holding hands and kissing each other. Maybe it’s because it’s in everyones mind that Paris is the city of love? I don’t know but the people here look really happy and satisfied and I really like that!



Love, Vanessa

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